Basic Foot Care for Your Health


Like anything in life, maintenance is key to performance. You wouldn’t let your car’s engine run without oil or a checkup every now and then, why take for granted your foot health? It is estimated that a person walks 150,000 miles during their life or roughly equal to six times around the world. That’s a lot of walking which means a lot of heavy pounding on pavement and potential for injury if we’re not careful.

Basic Footcare includes:

-          Proper footwear – firm, but not tight, footwear must support, not stress a foot. With each activity comes different needs so make sure you’re matching the activity properly.

-          Regular self-examination – check your feet on a regular basis to make sure you’re not developing corns or calluses or other problems. Check for pain or areas of discomfort. If you have any concerns, make an appointment with us here at Laurel Podiatry Associates.

-          Stretching – The body works in tandem so stretching will reduce stress all around especially the legs and feet. Never bounce when you stretch.

-          Good socks – Make sure your feet are cushioned with appropriate socks to stop slippage and possible trauma.

-          Schedule an appointment with your podiatrist - visiting your podiatrist on a regular basis will help keep your feet in good shape and contribute to your overall health. Self-checks are important, but a doctor will catch issues you might miss.

It is not uncommon for many to take their feet for granted. Walking, after all, is natural and in today’s busy world we often overlook things we shouldn’t. Our feet are one. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.

Laurel Podiatry has many ways to keep your feet healthy and treatments for all types of conditions including shockwave and MLS laser therapy, stem cell therapy, surgery, neuropathic pain management, in house x-rays and auto-immunizations among others. If you have any questions about the above or concerns about your feet contact us at one of our 4 offices in Greensburg, Somerset, Mount Pleasant or Shayside, PA and make an appointment with Dr. Shawn P. Echard, DPM at 724-832-7880 for the latest in podiatric treatment.